Kiva | Our story
Kiva is a shelf that adjusts to your needs. It stores your favorite books, lights up your most treasured belongings and even charges your phone if needed. Kiva is beautiful design, innovative features, easy assembly and unmatched convenience.
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Our story

We started Kiva to do things differently

We’re passionate about furniture, you could even say we are furniture geeks. Over the years we’ve created many amazing designs, worked with some of the most respected brands and learned a ton of things. We’ve always believed in doing things only if you can do them better. Kiva is a project that in our view really needed to result in a big improvement.


Most of the best ideas come out of personal frustrations. Our tipping point came when one of us was listening to a customer talking about how she needed to invite 4 friends over to help her assemble a large shelving unit she bought. They wound up assembling it on the floor and then lifting it up, breaking a few parts in the process. She was upset as it wasn’t the experience she expected from an expensive unit that was important to her. She was asking “why can’t they just make things that ordinary people can put together”.


It was a good question and a hard one to solve. The furniture industry is dominated by a handful of hardware suppliers and just about everyone uses the same components. To really do things differently you would have to design every single part from start to finish, an enormous task. So that’s what we did.


We started Kiva to do things differently. After several years of brainstorming and creating we were able to lose all screws, build in lighting that can be freely moved around and make assembly safe and easy. We also wanted to make sure being different doesn’t mean being expensive. By circumventing traditional channels we are able to cut out the middle man and offer a premium product at an accessible price. We believe that buying shelving should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and excited, with the knowledge that your product will last a long time and change with your needs.


We also believe that by using the Earth’s resources you need to give something back. Deforestation is a major contributing factor to climate change. Deforestation also leads to significant habitat loss for a wide range of species impacting our planet in ways we have only recently started to understand. This is why we are a strong advocate of reforestation and aim to offset the impact of every shelf we make. For every sold shelf 10 trees are planted via the Earth Day Canopy Project.


Kiva is a Pan-European company deeply routed in the scandinavian design tradition. We come from different places

but share the same values and ideals. We live, produce and sell in Europe. Our homes are in London, Helsinki and Warsaw.


Gian Fazio

As a London based Italian who’s constantly travelling the world Gian is truly a world citizen. He holds a PhD in Economics from University College London and loves to walk everywhere he can. He doesn’t believe owning a car makes much sense. Gian is the CEO of Kiva.


Cezary Gorzynski

Once described as the God of sourcing, Cezary knows everything about making beautiful furniture. As an Architect he definately has an good eye for design. Cezary is almost as fast at work as the cars he drives. We are pushing him to go electric.


Stefan Mahlberg

A native of Finland, Stefan is the creative mind of the company. He’s been dreaming up different designs and solutions for well over 15 years now. As all Finns, Stefan spends his summers fishing at the country cottage.